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Board Opportunities

As a faith-based organization, NewPath Mental Health Services' key message of "hope, transformation, and growth" takes on deep meaning. We seek professionals dedicated to that message who are excited and passionate about joining and serving on our Board of Directors.


Responsibilities of the Board of Directors:

  • ​Selection, support and evaluation of the executive staff.

  • Financial oversight in securing and managing adequate resources including physical, financial, and human.

  • Accountability in insuring that local, federal and state laws are followed, appropriate forms are completed, and health and safety regulations are met.

  • Participation in the annual planning of NewPath Mental Health Services' goals, objectives and strategies.

  • Assessment of ministry programs. Ensuring that current and future programs are consistent with the overall mission, vision and values of NewPath Mental Health Services.

Requirements to serve on the Board of Directors:​​

  • Attend regularly scheduled board meetings and annual board retreat.

  • Financially contribute to NewPath Mental Health Services, annually.

    • ​As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization your contribution is considered a qualified charitable contribution.  Learn more how about donating and how you help those most in need.

  • Dedication to our message of "hope, transformation, and growth" and the deeper meaning it takes on.

  • Expertise in technology, social media, fundraising, community outreach, accounting or marketing is a plus!


We are humbled by the knowledge, encouragement, and guidance that our board members provide. The hope and expectation of all board members is to invest their time, talent and treasure into NewPath Mental Health Services.


Join us in our vision of creating a world free of stigmas and barriers to living an abundant life - in body, mind and spirit.  Contact us at to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of a board member or to begin the evaluation process.


Discover what is at the core of what we do everyday at NewPath Mental Health Services.

Holding Plant

Providing quality and compassionate counseling starts with people committed to making a difference.


Changing lives and breaking the stigma around mental health. These stories are why we do what we do.

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