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Female-Focused Sex Offense Specific Therapy 


NewPath Mental Health Services therapists work with female clients with a history of sexual offending. Participants in Female Focused Sex Offense Specific Treatment attend therapy weekly or bi-weekly and work on the pathways to offending that are unique to women. An individualized treatment program is utilized to incorporate education about healthy sexuality, boundaries, and consent, as well as address the distinctive mental health needs that co-present with female offenders.

NewPath also offers group therapy to females who have offended.  Group therapy is an effective element of the treatment process.  Clients in group may be receiving treatment at NewPath or at other treatment centers that specialize in the treatment surrounding sexual offenses.  For these clients, we coordinate care with their primary therapist.




Why NewPath

While individual therapy sessions are an important part, group therapy is a powerful and effective component of  the healing journey. NewPath offers a sex offense specific group for female offenders.  While we will offer this treatment opportunity to existing clients, the group is also open to clients who are receiving their primary sex offense treatment at other agencies.  For those joining group from other agencies, we will work closely with the primary provider and with probation regarding the group therapy experience.  

We offer this in-person group weekly, on Thursdays 1:00-3:30pm, facilitated by two qualified therapists. This group is offered to current Restoration Project members, and we are inviting clients who are in other treatment programs for whom a female only group is not available but would be beneficial. Clients from other programs can skip the intake process as long as they are willing to sign a release of information so diagnostic assessment from their current treatment provider can be shared.  

Get Help


Please contact us if you have a female client referral for this group or you are looking for an agency to refer your court ordered women.  If you are interested in the Female Focused Treatment group, please call 763-566-0088 and speak to our Client Services Coordinator.

The Female- Focused Treatment group

is held 1:00-3:30 pm weekly on Thursdays

NewPath’s focus was the complete restoration of each person affected by my crime. The staff’s purpose was to get to the REAL cause. No excuses, justifications or rationalizations of any kind, only ownership. I learned to see my behavior for what it was – a learned behavioral pattern. I served my time in jail, spent three years in NewPath’s Restoration Project, and now after five years, I’ve moved back into my home and reunited with my family. It’s a miracle of miracles.


- Former NewPath Client

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