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Partnership Programs

As a faith-based organization, NewPath is eager to establish relationships with church partners who will benefit from mental health services which, if desired, can incorporate faith practices into therapy. Church staff or leadership can trust NewPath to be a comfortable, welcoming place to seek services or make referrals. As a community mental health agency, our team believes in a world free of stigmas and barriers to anyone striving to living an abundant life - in body, mind and spirit.

NewPath Mental Health Services looks to build lasting relationships with church partners that can be helpful to church leadership, our clients, and the benefactors of the organizations. Many of our partners incorporate our Client Assistance Fund into their mission budget. We can provide our partners and members of their community introductions to the field of mental health, informative talks on specific topics (building healthy family relationships, primer on addictions, children's services), and offer educational panel Q&A sessions.

Together, we believe we can reduce the stigma and barriers to seeking out and receiving mental health services. To help in our mission or to let us know if there are ways NewPath can serve your organization, please contact our Executive Director, Jenine Nordquist ( or our Clinical Director, Dr. Julia Kidwell ( 

We would love to hear from you!

NewPath Mental Health Services Mission

Discover what is at the core of what we do everyday at NewPath Mental Health Services.

Client Assitance Fund

For circumstances when our clients are unable to afford the full fee of counseling, we work to fill the gap.


Changing lives and breaking the stigma around mental health. These stories are why we do what we do.

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