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At NewPath Mental Health Services, we believe in the importance of teaching and training new clinicians. For that reason, we offer internship opportunities to masters and/or doctoral marriage and family therapy, social work, and counseling/clinical psychology students each year. In selecting interns for NewPath, we look for individuals who are teachable, open to learning, and able to receive feedback about growth and strength areas. NewPath also seeks individuals who are responsible and organized, able to follow through with tasks, have the ability to take initiative, and are mature and professional. Many of our clients seek services at NewPath in order to have mental health care that, in varied ways, incorporates their religious beliefs; therefore, it is important that interns at NewPath are comfortable with and open to addressing faith-related concerns with clients.

Clinical internship opportunities include:

  • Individual, couples and/or family therapy with a range of clients of varied ages (children, teenagers, and adults)

  • Working with a number of presenting issues (anxiety, abuse, depression, adjustment, family conflict, and trauma, among others)

  • Group and individual therapy for individuals who have engaged in harmful sexual behaviors (refer to the Restoration Project page for more information about this program)

  • Diagnostic assessment

  • Weekly supervision with an experienced clinician

  • Participation in case consultations 

  • Monthly continuing education trainings on relevant clinical topics


What we expect:

  • 9-10 months commitment to internship (typically late August-May) or 12 months commitment to internship (depending on academic requirements)

  • Approximately 20 hours a week (specific hours based on internship and agency needs)

  • Whenever possible, interns are encouraged to be available for at least one evening per week (4pm - 7pm)

Here is what one of our recent interns had to say about the experience at NewPath:


Being able to do my internship at NewPath was a true blessing.  I felt supported by NewPath and connected to my colleagues throughout all of it, in spite of COVID.  I learned how to apply theory and how to come into my own therapeutic style.  This came through practice and connecting with other therapists by shadowing, doing co-therapy, participating in case consultation, and the many ways NewPath supports its therapists.  I learned new perspectives and how to branch out to try new things.  I am so grateful for NewPath and everything they offered to help form and mold who I want to be as a therapist. 

To apply, please submit the following to Training Director, Catherine Hutchinson, MS, LPCC at

  • Current vita or resume

  • Cover letter detailing why you would be a match for an internship at NewPath Mental Health Services

  • Three references familiar with your academic or work history

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