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My NewPath Story


People come to NewPath Mental Health Services looking for hope, transformation, and growth. These are just some of the stories from current and former clients whose lives have been touched by NewPath.

Reach out without fear of judgement

“I just love NewPath, and especially my therapist. I pray that God continues to grow and bless your ministry. There are so many out there that have been led to believe that if you are a Christian, you should not feel depressed, or have so many struggles...that if you do, something is wrong with your walk with God.  We are only human. God has given us each other and we should be able to reach out to each other without fear of judgement. You provide that!”

- NewPath Client


Experience a miracle of miracles

“NewPath’s focus was the complete restoration of each person affected by my crime. The staff’s purpose was to get to the REAL cause. No excuses, justifications or rationalizations of any kind, only ownership. I learned to see my behavior for what it was – a learned behavioral pattern. I served my time in jail, spent three years in NewPath’s Restoration Project, and now after five years, I’ve moved back into my home and reunited with my family. It’s a miracle of miracles.”

- Former NewPath Client

Get the tools to heal

“Seriously changed my life. These counselors and staff really care about you. I'm forever grateful for them. Life can be so hard and lonely. They helped me process life and gave me the tools to heal.”

- NewPath Client

Find your way back to the light

“I just really felt led to share my gratitude with you…without the scholarship I would’ve quit counseling two months in and never reached this place of acceptance and freedom! I can’t put a price on that. I am writing this with tears of joy because I truly felt I was doomed to live in the dark places but NewPath helped me find my way back to the light!”

- Former NewPath Client

Feel incredible healing & love

“I’d been running away from my life for years, trying to patch the gaping holes in my soul with alcohol, people, sex, being a workaholic, etc. I have been able to experience incredible healing and love and have a very rich relationship with my Savior, Jesus. NewPath has given me a solid foundation for my life that I’d never experienced, or even knew was possible. I will be forever thankful for everything I’ve been given.” 

- Former NewPath Client

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