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Our Mission


At NewPath Mental Health Services, a Christ-centered Community Mental Health Agency, we serve and support the psychological and emotional needs of those seeking greater health and richer, more balanced lives.

Our Vision

A world free of stigmas and barriers to living an abundant life - in body, mind and spirit.


Our Values



Through our work and the relationships to those we serve we will inspire hope regardless of today’s circumstances.


We believe in the inherent value of each human being, regardless of their circumstances, race, ethnicity, spiritual beliefs, sexuality or personal choices.



We reflect the virtues and attributes of Jesus Christ through humility, integrity, unconditional love and meeting the needs of those around us.



We are committed to lifelong learning, growing ourselves, personally, spiritually and professionally.



We serve our mission and have far greater impact by relying on the Holy Spirit and supporting each other as a collaborative team.

I just love NewPath, and especially my therapist. I pray that God continues to grow and bless your ministry. There are so many out there that have been led to believe that if you are a Christian, you should not feel depressed, or have so many struggles...that if you do, something is wrong with your walk with God. We are only human. God has given us each other and we should be able to reach out to each other without fear of judgement. You provide that!


- NewPath Client

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