Play Therapy

Traditional methods of therapy do not always adapt to a child’s unique emotional needs.

Play Therapy is a tool that enables children to work through emotional issues in a way that is familiar to them. With a trained play therapist in a safe, accepting environment, children recreate situations that resemble their current emotional struggle in order to gain understanding, resolution, and an increased sense of competency. Children can express pain, hurt, sadness and anger. A wide variety of toys, puppets, sand, water, and art supplies are made available for the children to use to express their emotional concerns.


Through this method and the care of loving adults, children’s lives are transformed.

NewPath Mental Health Services has the skill and experience to bring hope and a future to these precious little ones. The counselors at New Path have spent countless hours with children over the past 15 years helping them to cope with painful experiences. Children are able to work out their frustrations and emotions through child-directed Play Therapy, which allows children to show deep suffering without having to use words to explain it.


Along with Play Therapy, we offer family counseling and parent coaching. Both help parents deal with their personal challenges so they are free to love and care for their children.

If you'd like to explore how Play Therapy may help your child,  call us (763) 566-0088 or contact us through our on-line request form and we will strive to find the best therapist for you.  For more information about what you will experience when you come to NewPath Mental Health Services, please see our section on What to Expect.

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