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a therapeutic support group for people

tired of struggling with pornography use

and other problematic sexual behaviors


Many feel the particularly sharp pain of violating values.  Shame drives us into hiding and deeper enslavement, while cultural messages about human sexuality are conflicting and confusing.  At NewPath, we offer a safe, confidential space to openly share, discuss, and get help for porn addiction and other unwanted sexual behaviors.  CrossRoads offers supportive group therapy facilitated by Christian mental health professionals who understand the complicated nature of problematic sexual behaviors and faith.  In CrossRoads, participants learn about ways the brain is impacted by porn, ways to overcome the urges, and the underlying reasons for porn addiction or problematic sexual behaviors.


Cross Roads is held Monday evenings from 5 - 6:30 at our office location.  If this is a group you are interested in or have questions about, please call Client Services at 763-566-0088.

We are happy to address your questions or concerns in a brief consult with a therapist as you strive to determine if CrossRoads is appropriate for you.

Why NewPath

NewPath has been providing a quality sex offender treatment program for over 15 years.  As a result, we have developed knowledge and expertise in helping clients with a variety of problematic sexual behaviors, including pornography.  While we recognize that pornography use does not presume one is on a path toward offense, we know it can cause challenges in relationships, productive work lives, and struggles with faith practices.

As a faith based mental health agency, licensed by the State of Minnesota, we offer a judgement-free space to find hope, transformation and growth. Our commitment is that clients will feel welcomed, accepted, and safe enough to openly discuss struggles on their journey.

Some sexual behaviors can become problematic

in your life, and negatively affect your goals,

and destroy important relationships.


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