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The RESTORE Program is a subset of the Restoration Project and is recommended for clients who do not clinically indicate for the full complement of sex offense specific treatment. Clients who need assistance with healthy sexuality, boundaries, and a deeper understanding of consent are recommended for this shortened version of the Restoration Project. Participants attend individual therapy weekly or bi-weekly for a maximum of 18 sessions. A recommendation for a shorter version of sex offense specific treatment may come out of the Psychosexual Evaluation; from a Judge presiding over the case; a request from the probation officer; or out of a clinical intake interview as assessed by a NewPath clinician.


Why NewPath


Therapists in our RESTORE program are dedicated to building honest and trusting relationships with clients and assisting them as they strive to maintain safety, uphold accountability and honesty, and work to reach their goals.


Because we believe sexual offenses affect entire families, our RESTORE program also offers psychotherapy services (individual, conjoint, and group therapy options) for spouses and partners of our RESTORE program clients. We also offer safe and intentional reconciliation and reunification services for clients and their families, and/or individuals they offended against, as desired or appropriate.

Get Help


Each potential new RESTORE Program client completes a detailed two hour intake interview to determine the nature of past and current sexual behaviors, possible goals, and future treatment focus. If you are interested in the RESTORE Program, please call 763-566-0088 and speak to our Client Services Coordinator.

NewPath’s focus was the complete restoration of each person affected by my crime. The staff’s purpose was to get to the REAL cause. No excuses, justifications or rationalizations of any kind, only ownership. I learned to see my behavior for what it was – a learned behavioral pattern. I served my time in jail, spent three years in NewPath’s Restoration Project, and now after five years, I’ve moved back into my home and reunited with my family. It’s a miracle of miracles.


- Former NewPath Client

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