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Support Group for Spouses & Partners


NewPath offers facilitated supportive conversation time for the female spouses or partners of those who have engaged in harmful sexual behaviors.  As providers of a treatment program specifically designed to treat those who have sexually offended (Restoration Project), there is nothing we have not heard or assisted our clients in facing.  As a result, we think we are in a unique place to be able to support facilitated conversation among women who have had many elements of their commitment challenged.  We recognize what a daunting task it is to open up, ask questions, express sadness, anger, confusion and frustration with others in their life who have not walked in their shoes.  The Support Group for Spouses and Partners provides the opportunity, in a safe, open way to do just that.   


Support Group is currently held every other Tuesday evening.  Since it is not considered therapy, we are not able to bill this to insurance.  However, if you crave honest, facilitated conversation about the unique issues and situations you face as a spouse or partner, we hope you will give the Support Group a try.  The cost per 90 minute session is $30.  As with all services at NewPath, we do not want affordability to stand in the way of your desire and efforts to improve your life.  So, chat with our Client Services Coordinator if cost is a problem and we can work together to come up with a plan. 


Support Group is not limited to spouses or loved ones of our clients or clients being actively treated elsewhere.   We simply want to make our support group available to anyone who is a spouse or partner of someone who has committed a sexual offense.  The sessions are in person; no virtual option at this time.

Why NewPath

NewPath has been providing a quality sex offender treatment program for over 15 years.  


Because we believe sexual offenses affect entire families, our Restoration Project program also offers individual psychotherapy services  for spouses and partners of our Restoration Project clients. We also offer safe and intentional reconciliation and reunification services for clients and their families, and/or individuals they offended against, as desired or appropriate.

NewPath’s focus was the complete restoration of each person affected by my crime. The staff’s purpose was to get to the REAL cause. No excuses, justifications or rationalizations of any kind, only ownership. I learned to see my behavior for what it was – a learned behavioral pattern. I served my time in jail, spent three years in NewPath’s Restoration Project, and now after five years, I’ve moved back into my home and reunited with my family. It’s a miracle of miracles.


- Former NewPath Restoration Project Client

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