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Travis Mord

BA, Bethany Lutheran College

Travis is a doctoral candidate at the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at Augsburg University and is completing his advanced practicum training at NewPath. Travis has been working in the field of psychology since 2016 and has a wide range of experiences from psychological assessment, psychotherapy, and behavioral skills training.  Travis has worked in a number of different environments from community mental health, chemical dependency clinics, homeless shelters, and forensic settings. Travis has prior experience working with adolescent and adults with substance use disorders, serious and persistent mental illness, depression, anxiety, trauma exposure, intimacy concerns/sexual addictions, eating disorders, adjustment concerns, relational issues, and family conflict.

Travis has a special interest in working with individuals and families in processing through life circumstances. Travis believes that adversity and hardship impact us all in unique ways that are reflective of how we have learned to cope and manage them from previous experience. Travis believes that all individuals are inherently resilient, and that resilience can be unlocked through effective restructuring of one’s current approach to their environment.

Travis is working towards the completion of his doctorate where he will continue his training to be a Licensed Psychologist. Travis is being supervised by a Licensed Psychologist at NPMHS.


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