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Addiction: Our Desires to Lesser Things

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Some thoughts from Gerald May’s “Addiction & Grace” compiled by David Vraza MA.

What gets in the way of loving God as our hearts desire? “Our desires are captured, and we give ourselves over to things that, in our deepest honesty, we really do not want.” He describes addiction as attaching the energy of desire to behaviors, things, or people. “These objects of attachment then become preoccupations and obsessions; they come to rule our lives.” May observes that we make our addictions but cannot control them. Addiction “erodes our free will and eats away at our dignity … an inherent part of our nature and an antagonist to our nature. It is the absolute enemy of human freedom, the antipathy of love.” Yet he finds a silver lining, “our addictions can lead us to a deep appreciation of grace. They can bring us to our knees.

Do you find that your desires have become attached to pornography? Come and join us at NewPath on Monday evenings for a frank discussion of how our mixed motives drives towards grace.

For more information, please call 763-566-0088 and speak to our Client Services Coordinator or stop by the NewPath Mental Health Services office at 8401 Wayzata Blvd., Suite 340, Golden Valley, MN 55426 to find out about services you are interested in.


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