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Some thoughts from Gerald May’s “Addiction & Grace” compiled by David Vraza MA.

Self-deception lies at the heart of addiction. These mind tricks, filters, and distortions “all have a single purpose: to keep the addictive behavior going.” Denial blinds us to the consequences of our behavior and the need to make changes. As the evidence mounts, repression of the facts pushes the ugly truth out of our awareness. But this repression requires energy and filtering out reality. Eventually, our self-image and our relationships are hindered by this filtering. Prayer and relaxation are designed to increase our awareness, but they are a threat to a mind preoccupied with denial and repression. Time alone now becomes an opportunity to chase our addictions — increasing our alienation from self and our ability to love others. The threat of self-examination and reflection is overwhelming to those of us stuck in denial — but the pressure to align with reality is constantly pushing back.

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