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The Intersection of the Hebrew Bible and Lust

Some thoughts compiled by David Vraza MA.

What does your religious code make of looking upon another with lust? Where do you draw your boundaries of indulging or restraining sexual desire? Recently, two conservative commentators, Dennis Prager and Jordan Peterson, opened a discussion on lust. Their discussion elicited strong reactions. Pornography is a strong and intoxicating drink. Is it always harmful? Zero tolerance has helped many escape. Harm reduction and strategic reduction has been a path to freedom for many others.

What have you tried? What have you learned from your failures? Come and join us at NewPath on Monday evenings to explore the way forward and break the bonds of pornography in our lives.

For more information, please call 763-566-0088 and speak to our Client Services Coordinator or stop by the NewPath Mental Health Services office at 8401 Wayzata Blvd., Suite 340, Golden Valley, MN 55426 to find out about services you are interested in.


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